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In Cascade, you can organize pages into a hierarchy of folders and child pages. Pages in such a hierarchy are called a sub-level navigation (see screenshot).

Sub-level navigation is a simple but effective way of categorizing content. Cascade makes navigation of your site easier by providing links forward and backwards through the page hierarchy within the site navigation and breadcrumbs.

A parent page is at the topmost level of that hierarchy, identified by an 'index' system name. Subpages are called child pages or children. Think of sub-level navigation like a bulleted list with nested lists inside.

For example:

Sample navigation using page display names:

  • My Department Home
  • Academic Information
    • Undergraduate Program
    • Graduate Program
    • Requirements
  • Contact Us

Same sample, but using page parent folder paths and system names:

  • department / index
  • department / academics / index
    • department / academics / undergraduate-program
    • department / academics / graduate-program
    • department / academics / requirements
  • department / contact-us

To create a sub-level navigation,

  1. View the folder you want to add a sub-level navigation into (typically this would be your main department folder).
  2. Create a new folder, using a 'Folder Name' that is descriptive of the content it will hold (e.g. services or research), and follows the following naming conventions:
    1. Lowercase only, word spaces replaced with hyphen, and leading and trailing spaces are not allowed.

  3. Create a new page within this folder and enter 'index' in the 'Page Name' field. If you are unsure of how to name a page, see the renaming a page instructions.
    • This page will become the "homepage" for your new sub-level navigation (see screenshot).

To create additional child pages,

  1. View the new folder you just created.
  2. Create a new page within this folder.
    • Each page you add within this folder will appear within the sub-level navigation (see screenshot).

Demo: Creating a sub-level navigation

Screenshot: Sub-level navigation example

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