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To create a shared content block:

  1. Click on the 'Add Content' button in main navigation bar (to the right of the Cascade logo).
  2. Open the 'Shared Content Blocks' folder in the menu to see your available content block types.
  3. Select the shared content block type you would like to create.
  4. Enter a title for your shared content block.
  5. Enter content for your shared content block by filling out any applicable fields.
  6. By default, Cascade will add the shared content block to the _cms/shared-blocks folder, followed by the folder corresponding to the type you've chosen (i.e. accordion, contact).
  7. Click the 'Preview Draft' button at the top of the dialog.
  8. Once you have ensured that the content is correct in the preview, click the 'Submit' button above the preview frame. The preview shown here will not necessarily be a reflection of how the shared block will look on your page. To see a more accurate preview of the shared block, preview a page which contains the block.
  9. Shared content blocks are published by publishing the page(s) where the content block appears.

Screenshot: Location of the shared content blocks folder

Demo: Creating a new shared content block

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