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Creating a Faculty/Staff Page

  1. In the left hand file listing, browse to: Base Folder
    -> Millersville
    -> Your Department
    -> Staff
  2. Click on the New button in the main navigation (under the Cascade Server logo)
  3. Hover over each folder, labeled with a small black arrow on the right, until you see a list of assets (i.e. 2 Column Page, 3 Column Page, Folder, File, etc...)
  4. Select Staff Profile
  5. Under Personal Information, fill in as much or as little information as desired.
  6. To add a profile picture, follow the Uploading a New File instructions first.
    • Then, beside the word Image, click between the blue [ ] brackets and select the image.
  7. Additional information can be added in the content editor.
  8. Select Submit to save the profile.
  9. Follow the instructions on the Managing a Faculty/Staff List to get the page to appear in the Faculty/Staff list

Screenshot: Finding the Faculty/Staff Profile asset

A Note About the Differences between Staff and Faculty Profiles

Faculty profiles and Staff profiles are exactly the same thing. Both have the same content and function. When you go to make a page, you will see either Faculty Profile, or Staff Profile as an asset; but not both. Faculty Profiles are related to academic departments and will be the type of page that can be created in those departments. Staff Profiles are only available in service departments

Naming Conventions

Keeping the profiles named consistently is key to making maintenance easier. If the department is large, then its best to have the profiles named in an easy to sort and identifiable manner.
Here are some some commonly used ways you can name faculty/staff profiles

  • lastname_Firstname
  • l_firstname
  • f_lastname (this is perhaps the most popular choice)

Faculty/Staff Page Modifiable Content and Terms

  • Inline Metadata Section
    • Display Name: The text displayed on your website's navigation (i.e. the left hand, colored navigation). There should be a default name already there, though you may change it to the name of the Faculty/Staff member
    • Title: The text displayed within the gray area underneath the top navigation bar. Here we suggest you place the full name of the faculty/staff member (ie. Dr. Adam N. Smith)
    • Include in Site Navigation: This has been disabled as the a Faculty/Staff List has the exact same functionality and is easier to use and control. -If "yes" is selected, then profile will appear in the navigation column to the left of the page. No should be the default value-
  • Nav Column Pages: This allows you to include Nav Column shared blocks (specifically Left Shared Blocks). To include a shared block follow the Inserting a Shared Content Block within an Existing Page steps in the Miscellaneous section.
  • Personal Information: Add as much or as little information as desired to complete the Faculty Staff Profile.
  • Additional information: A place to put additional faculty information. The input bos is a rich-text editor that allows for basic formatting (e.g. bold, italic, underline), linking, image insertion, and HTML manipulation.
    • Image: To add a picture, follow the Uploading a New File instructions first. Then click between the blue [ ] brackets and select the image.

Images must be 150 px wide or less. Otherwise stretching or skewing will occur then the image is displayed on the profile!