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Cascade tracks histories of changes to assets by maintaining a version of the asset each time it is modified, up to the latest 20 versions. It is easy to view changes between different versions and to restore a previous version if required.

Cascade tracks the history of the following asset types:

  • Pages
  • Shared Content Blocks
  • Files
  • Quick Links

On this page:

Accessing the Asset Versions View

To view a page's versions,

  1. View the asset you want to view versions of.
  2. Click on the More tab, located above the page preview.
  3. Click 'Versions'.
    • This will display the list of the latest 20 versions of the asset, ordered from newest at the top to oldest at the bottom. You can click a versions's link to view the contents of that version.

Screenshot: Page version listing

If you are viewing a specific asset version, the following functions are available:

  • View the previous or next page versions by clicking 'Older' or 'Newer', respectively.
  • Compare the differences between the version of the asset you are viewing and current version by clicking 'Compare With Current'.
    • Note: this only works for pages and shared content blocks.

Viewing Changes in a Asset History

The page history view allows you to view recent changes made to an asset or to compare the differences between any previous version of a page or shared content block and its current version.

Comparing a Version to the Current Version

To compare a previous version and the current version of a page or shared content block,

  1. Access the versions view by following the instructions above.
  2. Click on the path for the version you want to compare.
  3. Click 'Compare with Current'. The comparison view is displayed, showing the differences in main content between the two versions.

The Comparison View

The comparison view shows the differences in main content between selected page or shared content block versions.


On the comparison view, the following key is used to depict content differences between the versions:

  • New lines or continuous sections of content are blue in color
  • Removed lines or continuous sections of content are struck through

Other History View Features

You can also use the page history view to:


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