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Cascade Server 7.10.2 Upgrade

Cascade 7.10.2 contains some pretty amazing new features including a Recycle BinImage Editing Tool, and additional improvements to the look and feel including a new Move/Rename tabrelocated Delete tabLive View pane for Pages, an upgraded WYSIWYG editor, and many, many more.

On This Page:

Login Screen

Logging into Cascade at will redirect users to the new myVILLE account login page.  Use the same account credentials you've been using to log into Cascade. 

Learn more details about logging into Cascade

Recycling Bin

Users can now delete and restore assets in the system and avoid "Oops!" moments which cause lots of headaches. The Recycle Bin features an automatic purge interval of 15 days that will permanently delete items from the recycle bin after a given amount of time.

Learn more details about the recycle bin

Image Editing Tool

The built-in, inline image editing tool allows users to modify images when creating or editing them without the use of any client-side plugins or applets. The tool supports the following operations: Resize (optionally maintaining the aspect ratio), Rotate, Flip (horizontal/vertical), Crop, Undo, and Redo.

The tool is enabled for the following file extensions by default:


Learn more details about the image editor

Stale Content Report

The Stale Content dashboard helps users identify and take action on stale content and manage their content reviews. Users can define what content should be considered stale or up for review by using the filters in the Stale Content tab. You can filter content by the last time the content was updated or by the Review Date metadata field.

Learn more details about the stale content dashboard

Move/Rename Tab

Included with this upgrade is a new tab that is used to move and/or rename an asset. The process of moving/renaming now makes it more clear to the User that moving and renaming can have a detrimental effect on the state of published content.

Unpublish on Move/Rename

Users now have the ability to unpublish content when it is moved or renamed. This helps to avoid leaving stale files on the webserver after an asset has been moved.

Drag and Drop Move

Assets can now be dragged on the left hand side tree and dropped to a desired container to invoke Move/Rename operation. As the asset is dropped, the Move/Rename dialog is loaded with the Parent Folder pre-populated. While dragging an asset, a user can hover over a Folder which will then expand to display the Folder's child assets.

Relocated Delete Tab

The Delete tab was a little too easy to accidentally click, so it's been moved under the More tab (formerly the Advanced tab) for Pages, Folders, and Files.

Context Menu

A new context menu has been added that appears when hovering over asset links in Cascade. Users are presented with links to specific asset tabs for faster navigation.

Live View Panel

The Live View is a handy little feature for previewing the published version of a Page. As pictured below, Users will see a new pane on the Page View tab called "Live" which contains all outputs for that Page and a frame displaying the actual content located at the generated URL.

Upgraded WYSIWYG Editor

The WYSIWYG editor has been upgraded. This release:

  • Fixes issues related to pasting from Microsoft Word
  • Has improved support for Safari
  • Adds a new text formatting engine to make the generated markup consistent between browsers

Improved WYSIWYG "paste" plugin

The "paste" plugin has been completely re-written. The new system is much better about stripping out unnecessary tags that used to appear in content pasted from Word. It's behavior is also very consistent with different browsers.

There are some noticeable changes to cut, copy and paste operations in the WYSIWYG:

  • The "Paste from Word" button has been removed as the functionality of this button has been incorporated into all paste operations.
  • A togglable "Paste as Plain Text" button has been added that strips formatting from pasted content when enabled.

  • Cut/Copy/Paste buttons have been added for all browsers. Users will be warned when attempting to use them with incompatible browsers. For Firefox, it will even tell you how you can tweak Firefox to get the buttons to work correctly.

Improved WYSIWYG image and link insertion dialog

Inserting images and links inside the WYSIWYG editor has been streamlined.

The image insertion dialog is split up into two panes: Basic and Advanced. The Basic pane contains the commonly used properties, including link, alternate text, height and width.

The Advanced pane contains the lesser-used image properties.

Media Plugin for Embedding Videos in the WYSIWYG

A new tool has been added to the WYSIWYG which allows users to embed videos into Page/Block content more seamlessly.

Autosave Drafts

Drafts now will be saved automatically in the background as user makes changes to the form.

To avoid issues with editing outdated drafts (i.e. drafts of assets that have been edited since the initial draft was created), users will now be always directed to current version of the asset when attempting to edit it. When the edit form for the current version is loaded, a link to a draft is presented if a draft already exists. Also, when editing a draft that is outdated, a prominent warning will be displayed.

Draft related confirmation dialogs are now inline pop-ups instead of full page refreshes which prevents issues with losing unsaved contents when confirmation dialog is displayed.

Images courtesy Hannon Hill Knowledgebase.

Official Cascade Server release notes can be viewed here: