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Join the Employee Wellness Team as we "hike" perimeter of Pennsylvania as part of our Spring 2017 Employee Walking Challenge. Each team will record its steps to see how far it travels along The Great Loop, a 6,000 mile boating trail that encircles the eastern US - Accumulate steps by walking, running, swimming, dancing, or whatever exercise you prefer. This 10-week challenge will begin on February 20 and continue to May 7, 2017..

Register your team by emailing with your Team Name, Captain's Email Address, and a list of Team Members (maximum of 12 members). If you need a team, we will find you one.

Hikers who participate in all ten weeks will become part of a drawing for a prize.

Healthy U participants (Faculty, Coaches, Managers, Nurses, Police Only) will earn 25 points.

Tips for Success:

 Goal - 10,000 steps or five miles daily

 At the end of each week convert your steps to mileage – 2,000 steps = 1 mile

  • Put your pedometer on when you get dressed in the morning and remove it before going to bed.
  • Use a datebook, calendar or small tablet to record your daily steps.
  • Convert all physical activity to steps. For example, you plan to use an elliptical trainer for 30 minutes
    • remove your pedometer before starting
    • "Run" on the elliptical trainer for 30 minutes
    • when you are finished, put your pedometer on
    • the conversion rate for one minute on an elliptical trainer is 203 steps; therefore, 30 minutes X 203 - 6,090 steps
    • add 6,090 steps to your pedometer count at the end of the day
  • Listening to music while exercising will help you maintain a faster tempo.
  • Hydrating before, during, and after your workout is key to the recovery process. The better your hydration level is the more stamina you will have during your workout and the better you will feel tomorrow.
  • When warming up, it is better to do dynamic stretches at the beginning of your workout (jumping jacks, lunges, shoulder circles, jogging in place, etc.) and follow with static stretches (holding a stretch for a long period of time) at the end of your workout.

Activity Conversions

In addition to the minutes to mileage conversion below, here are a few activities with steps per minute:


Steps per minute

Aerobics, high impact


Bicycling, leisurely


Bicycling, moderately


Bicycling, vigorously


Handball, recreational






Rowing, light


Rowing, moderate




And for our favorite winter activity -


Shoveling, light


Shoveling, moderate


Shoveling, heavy




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