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Puritanism: An Electronic Prophesying

The prophesyings in the Elizabethan church and the conferences that followed on them, were opportunities for clergy to learn from one another. An individual would preach and the group would discuss the message. That is what we are attempting over four hundred years later with this electronic seminar. _This is not a bulletin board but an actual discussion using web chat room technology. As such it offers a chance for real time conversation with scholars around the world.

Scholars who have work in progress that they wish to test by putting it before a collegial gathering of others interested in the field are invited to send a paper in electronic form to one of the seminar moderators, listed below. They will share such submissions and rapidly decide which to post. The process can be expedited by sending copies of the paper to each of the moderators. If a paper is accepted the moderators will arrange with the author for a mutually convenient time when the author will be available for a ninety minute to two hour electronic chat session for discussion of the paper.

Notice of the paper and of the agreed on chat schedule will be posted on the relevant list-serves on the net.

Anyone interested in joining in the chat will be asked to contact Dr. Francis J. Bremer, who will provide them with an personal log-in name and password.The seminar discussion is a real time exchange with the author and others logged in. Those who wish to participate in that discussion should contact Dr. Bremer for a password good only for the particular discussion. Those with a password from previous discussions will need to reapply. A new server at Millersville will require a different style of password.


The discussion of Dr. Winship's paper will be on June 16, 2004 at 12:00 noon Eastern time. To participate in the discussion contact Dr. Francis J. Bremer ( for a password.

Previous Papers:

Dr. Michael Winship, "BRIDGET COOKE AND THE ART OF GODLY FEMALE SELF-ADVANCEMENT" has been published in* Sixteenth Century Journal, 33 (2002), 1045-1059.

Dr. Tom Webster,"Kiss me with the kisses of his lips": blurred masculinities in early modern spirituality.
Joseph Puterbaugh,"This gifte of prophecie": Dialogue, godly identity and freedom of religion in the Separatist controversies of the late Elizabethan and early Stuart church (1575-1615).


  • Dr. Francis J. Bremer, Millersville University
  • Dr. Tom Webster, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr. Lori Anne Ferrell, Claremont Graduate University
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